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 Summer Term Attendance Award Ceremony

Parents and Carers were invited to celebrate their children's attendance record. With Bronze being awarded to those 1 term of 100% attendance, Silver to those with 2 terms and Gold for the children who have 100% attendance over 3 Terms.

Each child was rewarded a Certificate and Badge, followed by different activities for both the children and adults to enjoy. 


 Careers Club Trip to Middlesex University

On Wednesday 10th July, Farley's Careers Club took a trip to Middlesex University in North London. During the visit the children took a tour of the extensive campus, witnessed graduation day, carried out a careers assessment questionnaire and had a Q&A session with the university's employability specialists.

This trip was the penultimate event for a group who have worked tremendously hard over the last six months to acquire skills, experience and knowledge about employability and their specific future career aspirations. We, at Farley Junior School, are extremely proud of their efforts and know this just the beginning of their employment journeys.

We wish them every success.


 Sports Day 2019

Thank you to all children involved, and to all the parents who attended. Despite the unfavorable weather there was a great turnout and was enjoyed by all!

The winner was: Phoenix


 Google & Parentzone - Be Internet Legends

Today Google hosted assemblies for the whole school, teaching us all how to be Internet Legends, Stay safe and be better online citizens. We also welcomed our Local MP Gavin Shuker as a guest!

These were thoroughly enjoyed by both the children and staff!


Spring Term Attendance Awards Ceremony - 100% Bronze and Silver

Congratulations to all children who achieved their Bronze or Silver award last term. It was amazing to see so many of you and it seemed like you all really enjoyed the afternoon ceremony. During the graduation style ceremony, all the children received a certificate and a badge. Followed by a fun filled afternoon tea party.

A massive thank you to all the parents/ carers for coming and supporting the children.

If you did not achieve an award this time, don't worry. Summer term has just begun, so remember to come to school every day to be able to receive your invitation to the next 100% award ceremony. Remember - attendance has an impact on achievement.

The feed back from the children and parent/carer was really positive;

 "Thank you for inviting us, it was a wonderful event. Staff really looked after the parents." - Mum

"This award ceremony, helps children to motivate themselves to achieve higher grades and potentially succeed in life." - Dad

"I love the certificates, the badges and the cake was good" - Child


 Online Safety

Thank you to all the parents who attended our Online Safety sessions, It was great to hear your thoughts and concerns around Online Safety. We hope all those who attended feel more confident in how to keep their children safe online.

If you where unable to attend or would like further information, please see below link to our Online Safety page.

If you would like any help with Online Safety, or have any concerns Mr Rowe or Mrs Badesha are happy to help.
Email: OnlineSafety@farley.juniorluton.co.uk

Online Safety


 Enabling Enterprise day

On Monday the 4th February all the students participated in a Enabling Enterprise Challenge Day! The day involved the students looking at future environments, researching existing transports and creating a new mode of transport. Each class was divided into teams of 3- 4 and in these teams the students designed and made a prototype for their transport.

The students had the opportunity to develop many skills including: working in a team, sharing their own ideas and listening to others. It was a great day and a lovely event for the students to showcase their creativity and presenting skills.
Representatives from Enabling Enterprise were impressed by the enthusiasm and excitement the students displayed completing the challenge day!


3A Pizza Express Trip

The students of 3A had the fantastic opportunity to participate in pizza making at Pizza Express- Harpenden.  They thoroughly enjoyed shaping the dough, spreading the special tomato sauce and sprinkling lots and lots of mozerella cheese on their pizzas. They learnt all about how the chef makes the dough, sauce and how to ensure a pizza is cooked to perfection.
We left the restaurant carrying 30 pizza boxes and some very hungry bellies!

A huge thank you to Pizza Express, Ania and Ellie for this fantastic opportunity!


 Farley's 100% Attendance Award Ceremony
Autumn Term Bronze Award

Congratulations to the 100 children received an award for 100% Attendance and Punctuality. Parents were invited to a graduation style event to watch their children receive their award. Followed by sitting down to an amazing selection of Tea, Cake and Biscuits to be enjoyed with their children in our dining hall.

Thank you to everyone who attended, it was thoroughly enjoyed by parents and children alike!
The feedback was great and gratefully received.

If you missed out this term be sure not to next term, as you can still aim for your bronze! Those who received bronze keep up the good work and go for Silver next time.

Thank you to the Family Team, who are responsible for organising yet another successful event!


'Anti-bullying Pro-Kindness,' initiative

On Wednesday 21st February, we launched our 'Anti-bullying Pro-Kindness,' initiative. If pupils in our school see something that worries them, they should always tell an adult because we are a 'Telling' school.

Over the next month, all of our pupils will read the book "The Angel of Nitshill Road," by Anne Fine in their PHSE lessons. The theme of the book is bullying. The main character 'Celeste' encourages children to be kinder and more thoughtful to each other and this is our aim at Farley.

To support children to have the courage to confide in the adults at school, all classes now have a 'chat box'. This is a box that children can use if they need to share information with their teacher.

Over the next few months, our aim is for the school to become a happier and kinder place to be. Every Friday, adults will nominate children who they have noticed being kind and respectful. All of the children that have been nominated will receive a 'Respect' value badge and their name will be published on our Praise Page.


 Year 6 Visit Monarch Aircraft Engineering - Enabling Enterprise

Tuesday (29th Nov) year 6 took a business trip to Monarch Aircraft Engineering to take part in a Marketing Moguls' Challenge.


Year 6 Visit the Hilton - Enabling Enterprise

Tuesday (7th Nov) 6B took a Business Trip to the Hilton in Watford to take part in a 'Recruitment Race' challenge.


 Year 6 Visit A London Law Office - Enabling Enterpise

Wednesday (11th Oct) 6A took a Business Trip to Fresfields Law Firm in London to take part in a 'Tour The Law' challenge.


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