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Year 3 are currently learning how to write an information text about fantastic mythical creatures. this is the model text that they have learned of by heart, 'The Storm Unicorn'. they have had lots of fun interviewing Dr Dapper and having mobile phone conversations with their partner, about interesting facts they have learnt. 

Miss Gandre, Miss Mclaren & Mr Mellett



 Year 3 are currently learning about plants and how they grow in science. This afternoon all the children took part in designing, creating and potting plants ready for their new eco bottle garden.

Mr Mellet, Miss Mclaren, Miss Gandre


 After receiving 'letters' from Hamleys Toy Shop in London, the children in Year 3 have had a fantastic few days setting up their own toy company and designing and creating their toys from recycled materials.

A big thank you as always to our supportive Year 3 children's parents for collecting the materials and providing more than enough for their children to use.

Mr Mellett, Miss Gandre and Miss McLaren


 Enabling Enterprise Days

For our Enabling Enterprise project, the children in Year 3 have enjoyed being architects and designers as they have worked extremely well together to redesign areas of the school. From looking for parts of the school to improve, the children have created blueprints and even submitted 'planning permission' to carry out their improvements.


 Welcome to the wonderful world of 3B!

Here in 3B we are currently working on creating a set of instructions on
‘How to look after a pet Thunderbird’.
As a class, we have been share writing a set of instructions section by section. By using all of our ideas, we can produce a model set of instructions containing all the features needed to support us when we write our own instructions independently.

Miss Mclaren


Diary Dates