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Year 3 are currently learning how to write an information text about fantastic mythical creatures. this is the model text that they have learned of by heart, 'The Storm Unicorn'. they have had lots of fun interviewing Dr Dapper and having mobile phone conversations with their partner, about interesting facts they have learnt.

Miss Gandre, Miss Mclaren & Mr Mellett



 Year 3 are currently learning about plants and how they grow in science. This afternoon all the children took part in designing, creating and potting plants ready for their new eco bottle garden.

Mr Mellet, Miss Mclaren, Miss Gandre


 After receiving 'letters' from Hamleys Toy Shop in London, the children in Year 3 have had a fantastic few days setting up their own toy company and designing and creating their toys from recycled materials.

A big thank you as always to our supportive Year 3 children's parents for collecting the materials and providing more than enough for their children to use.

Mr Mellett, Miss Gandre and Miss McLaren


 Great start to the week! We had a lot of fun with science and discovering facts about light and shadows. Did you know that a shadow is created when an opaque object blocks the light because the light travels in straight lines?
We also pierced cardboard boxes and looked through the holes to see how much we could see: the more holes we made, the more objects we could see in the box because more light was able to go through!

Miss Gandre


Year 3 have just finished studying geology, the study of rocks, in science and we are now moving on to light. In history, we have also closed our Egyptian chapter and we have started looking at the Romans. So far, we have learnt about the legend of Remus and Romulus.

In English, we are looking at persuasive letters while in maths, we are back to multiplications and divisions, using concrete resources as well as graphs, bar models and pictures to help us.

We are also delighted to have Mrs Bagley back with us.

Miss Gandre


 Enabling Enterprise Days

For our Enabling Enterprise project, the children in Year 3 have enjoyed being architects and designers as they have worked extremely well together to redesign areas of the school. From looking for parts of the school to improve, the children have created blueprints and even submitted 'planning permission' to carry out their improvements.


A few weeks on and we are still working hard!

Despite a long walk and a very steep hill, the children did us proud on Thursday when we went to watch the Lego Batman Movie. It was a pleasure to take this lovely group of children to the cinema.
Thank you all for your continued support with homework and reading; let's carry on on our journey to become the best school in Luton.

Miss Gandre and Mrs Bagley


What a lovely morning we had at the Poetry Busk! The children did us proud by remembering their poems and delivering them with confidence. We hope you enjoyed it.

We are looking forward to our non-uniform day on Friday.

Miss Gandre, Mrs Bagley, Miss Fisher-Eames, Mr Bannan 


 Welcome to 3C!

Three weeks already! The children in 3C have settled well and it is lovely to see them looking eager and motivated after their summer holidays. We have learnt many routines and started on our educational journey. The team is looking forward to the amazing achievements of our great children.

From Miss Gandre, Mrs Bagley, Miss Fisher-Eames and Mr Bannan.


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