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 In maths at the moment we are learning the six, seven, nine, eleven and twelve time tables. To support the children’s learning of these time tables we have been using a variety of different resources and images.

The children used the hundred square to find all of the multiples of the different time tables between 0 and 100 (for the six and seven time tables) and a two hundred square for the nine, eleven and twelve time tables.

We have also used pictures such as the flower pots below. This is to teach the children about groups and number in each group.

There are six flowers in each flower pot and two flower pots so we would say two groups of six or 2 x 6.

We have also used arrays, like the one below:

This array shows 5 x 6 = 30. This is to help the children to visualize what 5 x 6 looks like.

We have also looked at word problems too.

Miss Delaney


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