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Fever pitch has hit Year 4!

Word Cup match 4A v 4B was played on Thursday at Lunch time and what a magnificent battle it was. With skill and footwork to match Messé, it was a very close match. 4A put up a strong team who showed fight and determination galore. Resilience was demonstrated by the team as a whole, with special mention to Matilda.

The coaching from Mrs Clarke in support of her team was extraordinary. The discipline of her team as they warmed up, the co-ordinated attack and strong defence through out the match led to a solid victory. 2:0

4A v 4C
Anyone in the playground surely heard the cheers from the fantastically supported 4C - Team Unity. Mrs Clarke attempted to drown out the supporters but with an almost full contingent, 4C and the rather hoarse now, Ms Mustardé, stole the supporter's medal! With tangles of feet and terrific tackling, both teams fought admirably - but fairly. Applause could be heard around the Muga as both teams celebrated fantastic goals. The dodging and diving, the swift thinking and support of team players on both sides resulted in a Draw. 1:1

Special thanks go to Miss Todd who stepped in as Ref when she saw the mess that Mrs Clarke and Ms Mustardé were making;, for although they had been willing and eager, neither were proficient!

4C v 4B held on Friday at break time.

What a superb fight. Well supported by 4A, 4B came to the pitch to try their might against 4C. Bravery and courage saw a goal from Shivam 4C and one from Mohsin 4B. With the bell ringing, extra time came to an end as the final whistle was blown. With a draw in this match, it meant that 4C were destined for a rematch against 4A. Mr Prothero, superb Ref for this match then made a very generous offer. For the rematch of 4A and C to be played straight away.

4A v 4C 
The tension was electrifying. The teams were hyped up, the supporters were so loud they could be heard in Dunstable. The spirit of unity was evident across both teams. The pleasure, determination and amazing resilience led to some football that Luton should be proud of. I am certain that within the players, we have a few who could be taken on by the Hatters in due course. It was nail biting. Raja scored the most amazing goal for 4C. Mohsin scored for 4A but that was it. A dead heat. No further breaks could be found in either side's defensive line up. The attackers were met by furious tackles and perseverance and again a Draw was the conclusion.

Penalty Shoot Out.
What a ridiculous way to identify a win! Such courage from both goalies has really got to be commended. It is something I would never in a million years wish to take on. Amazing resilience under extreme pressure by the goalies. And the players who put themselves up to take the penalties. Such determination. Every muscle in my tensed. An ant walking across my shoe could be heard to gasp as the battle got under way.



Thanks again to Mr Prothero, Miss Todd our refs.

Miss Mustardé


Year 4 have settled in well after the Easter holidays and have given a warm welcome to Mrs Clarke.

We are currently learning how to write Tales of Fear in English and we're reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in our Book Focus lessons. Ask your child to tell you why they feel sympathy for Harry before he goes to live at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

Below are two examples of children's story maps. They all tell the same story. There is no right or wrong way to create a story map. If it helps the child to remember the story then it has done its job. Great artistry is not required, it is an aide memoire and not a master piece!

Mrs Clarke, Miss Norman and Ms Mustarde



We have been practicing using the lead in stroke when we have been handwriting. Here are some examples of the children’s fantastic handwriting.

 Here are some children who have really improved their handwriting. Miss Delaney is really impressed with their determination to make their work even better.


 Year 4’s cinematic experience

Today Year 4 made the exciting trip down to Cineworld Luton to watch Captain Underpants. We belly laughed all the way through and the children were fantastic role models for the school. Thank you to IntoFilm for providing us with this fun and educating experience.

 In maths at the moment we are learning the six, seven, nine, eleven and twelve time tables. To support the children’s learning of these time tables we have been using a variety of different resources and images.

The children used the hundred square to find all of the multiples of the different time tables between 0 and 100 (for the six and seven time tables) and a two hundred square for the nine, eleven and twelve time tables.

We have also used pictures such as the flower pots below. This is to teach the children about groups and number in each group.

There are six flowers in each flower pot and two flower pots so we would say two groups of six or 2 x 6.

We have also used arrays, like the one below:

This array shows 5 x 6 = 30. This is to help the children to visualize what 5 x 6 looks like.

We have also looked at word problems too.

Miss Delaney


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