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Monsters and Witches!
This term, year 4 have been reading ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ (Maurice Sendak) and ‘The Worst Witch’(Jill Murphy).

‘Where the Wild Things Are’ is the story of Max, a small boy, whose bedroom turns into a faraway land where monsters with terrible roars, terrible teeth, terrible eyes and terrible claws live. Year 4 then drew themselves as one of the terrible monsters who live on the Island.

‘The Worst Witch’ is currently being shown on BBC1. It is the story of Mildred Hubble, a young girl who had no idea she was a witch, who enrols in Cackle’s Academy and gets into all sorts of trouble with Miss Hardbroom. From mis-casting a spell to saving the Headmistress, Mildred is usually the one who is in the middle of everything. Year 4 were given the task of inventing a potion that Mildred would be able to use.

Diary Dates