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Enabling Enterprise

Last week saw the whole school engaged in Enabling Enterprise and Year 4 were tasked with designing a new chocolate bar. Demonstrating various attributes that are required in the business world, Team Work, Leadership, Creativity, Problem Solving, Communication Skills to name some, the winners of the class project are pictured here below. Well done to the 6 who worked superbly.


 Year 4’s cinematic experience

Today Year 4 made the exciting trip down to Cineworld Luton to watch Captain Underpants. We belly laughed all the way through and the children were fantastic role models for the school. Thank you to IntoFilm for providing us with this fun and educating experience.

 4C have been learning the most fantastic facts about the little known Storm Unicorn. Show your children these pictures and be amazed at how much they can remember!

This is enabling them to build up a bank of structures for writing upon which they will draw year after year. This is a non-chronological report! Later this term they shall write their own about an imaginary beast and I look forward to sharing some of those with you.

Ms Mustardé


Diary Dates