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Year 5 Computing

Last term, year 5 explored the theme – ‘We are Artists’. They learnt how to create geometric art in the style of Brigit Reilly using the ‘Scratch’ program. From writing simple script to create circles, squares and polygons, they then moved onto 'Terragen 4' – A program which allowed them to create CGI images of backgrounds.Some of our best work is shown below!

Everyone really enjoyed doing this, and some of their results were truly stunning.

Mrs Horn


Carnival Arts

Friday (24th Nov) Year 5 participated in a workshop at Luton Carnival Arts. They made masks and performed freestyle dance routines. Everyone really enjoyed themselves.


Thursday Afternoon as part of our Computing lesson we were learning about decoding. We had great fun learning how to use flags to relay messages using Semaphore.

Our task was to work together to decode messages from a set of instructions given to us by Mrs Horn.


he new school year has started very positively. Science with a massive bang, simulating earth quakes and volcanos. During our first English unit, we demonstrated our understanding of the poem ‘IF’ by Rudyard Kipling, performing it during our Poetry Busk. The children and parents enjoyed immensely. Maths has been met with enthusiasm, enabling us to finish the place value unit successfully.

Mrs. Maycock. Mrs. Ibrahim, Mrs. Horn and Mrs.Todd


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