This half term pupils in year 5 are learning about different types of code. This week they used Semaphore flags to spell out their names and deciphered a message in Morse code from Mr Rowe . Next week they will be creating their own code to encrypt their own messages. This ties in with the importance of having secure passwords and staying safe online.

Mrs Horn



5B have been studying the Anglo Saxons and over the last two weeks we have looked at weapons, tools and houses. This resulted in us creating houses and a village scene.


We have been looking at the gestation of humans, and following the visit from Mrs Davies, we investigated the development of an embryo from fertilisation to 40 weeks. The children were fascinated by the incredible speed of development and had great fun using seeds, fruit ad vegetables as well as other foods to represent the embryo and foetus at various stages. Using the desks as note books enabled the children to set the food out in size order and predict the age and stage of development before our next lesson which involved weighing, measuring and plotting graphs! Nothing beats hands on science.


In my group, we have been using Lego when considering multiples and factors of numbers. Manipulatives come in all shapes and sizes, so if ever your child is struggling with their maths, ask them to use pasta shapes, raisins, grains of rice etc to represent the numbers. Somehow food often helps! Pizza is particularly good for fractions!

Ms Mustardé


5B had a visit from Mrs Davies today as part of our science topic. Mrs Davies is a teacher at the school who got married during the summer. You may remember her as Miss Delaney! Mrs Davies brought her son, Lewis into the class for a Question and Answer session to support our learning of life cycles and development of humans. The children asked some very thoughtful questions and were fascinated by the little gentleman. It was lovely to hear such scientific questioning and the children were incredibly respectful of each other, with no interruptions or calling out. A real credit to the school, a perfect demonstration of Farley rules and values. Well done 5B.

Ms Mustardé


I can not believe that we are already at the end of the first half term. The children have worked really hard and have taken on board the big leap from year 4 to year 5.


This week the children are bringing home a suggested reading list, 100 books to read before they leave year 6. Who will rise to this challenge?


The increase in homework has taken some getting used to, but it is great to see children rising to the challenge and producing some thoughtful pieces. Homework is given to consolidate learning, stretch children and develop their independence. It is therefore much appreciated if you can encourage your child to complete their homework as set. Thus is especially true of the maths homework. Children must complete their homework and bring in their Maths No Problem book daily please.


The Halloween disco on 31st October kicks off next half term.

Child of Hope

Please can you support your child in raising money this half term for Child of Hope? This is the whole school charity that raises money to support the education of children in a school in Uganda.

Please can your child buy a tube of Smarties and having eaten the chocolate, refill the tube with coins. (20p and £1 coins fit perfectly.) If children are able to earn the money then so much the better. Doing the washing up, getting all their spellings correct, tidying their bedrooms, washing the car... All money raised will help the children enormously.

I hope that you all have an enjoyable break.

Ms Mustardé

What an amazing start to the year!

The children thoroughly enjoyed the events of Monday 11th September when a time traveller visited Farley and took the children and staff on an Anglo Saxon adventure. Children learnt how to make beeswax candles, decorative pieces of metal work, coloured inks for manuscripts, weaving cloth etc. After a thoroughly modern lunch, the children then took on the role of archaeologists and examined artifacts from the 800’s.

The children have thrown themselves in to the Talk for Writing process again this year and are almost fluent in their first text, Alien Landing. Do ask your child to perform the text, complete with actions. They are also learning poetry for National Poetry day and are looking forward to reciting this for your pleasure in due course.

Maths is now divided into 5 different groups to reduce numbers in the classes so I don’t actually teach all the children in 5B. However, as always, I know that the children will work hard and diligently to ensure that they achieve. To this end, please do keep up the hard work on the times tables.

We are looking at evolution and life cycles this term. We hope to arrange a school trip in the second part of the term to tie in with this area of the science curriculum.

Ms Mustardé


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