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 Luton Foodbank

Pupils were today presented with a certificate and trophy for taking part in Luton Foodbanks fundraising celebrating 5 years of food distribution in Luton. Farley Junior School raised 266.55 by holding a non-uniform day.

Luton Foodbank In 2017, gave out 2,652 child parcels, with a value of £20,400.


Digital Parenting Magazines

Following the handout concerning Online Safety, which all parents should have received at recent parents evening's, Today (Wed 14th March) each child was sent home with a free copy of the Vodafone 'Digital Parenting' Magazine. These are packed full with advice on keeping your child safe online.

Additional copies are available from the school office if you did not receive yours. In addition to the online version and previous issues which are available under our Online Safety page.

Online Copy - Vodafone Digital Parenting Website


  Parent Zone Online-Safety Sessions

Wednesday (17th Jan), Ollie from Parent Zone lead sessions on Online Safety for our year 4, 5 and 6 children. helping them to understand how to get the most out of their time on the internet, safely. The session covered topics such as keeping their Personal information safe, spotting fake news and what they should do if they have any problems while online. for more information see both our online safety page, and the Parent Zone website. Any questions about online safety, please speak with Mr Rowe or Mr Mellett

Parent Zone Website - Online Safety Page


 Christmas Market

Today has seen our Christmas Market which has been very well attended. Thank you to all of you who came in person or who gave your children generous amounts of money to spend. I hope you like the resulting presents! A massive thank you to our wonderful family workers for arranging the event and Mrs Prothero and Mrs Ghajjar for decorating our hall so beautifully.


Carol Signing

Sadly, the weather this week meant that we had to miss out on our carol singing at St John’s Church.  However, as I said to the children, every cloud has a silver lining, and it meant that we all had one big, whole school celebration. It was great to welcome Reverend Rob O’Neill and his helpers, Ash and Clive. I particularly enjoyed the vicar’s annual Christmas quiz – won by Team Turkey this year- and the biggest game of pass the parcel ever! 


 Poppy Appeal

Every year we participate in the Poppy appeal to help support The Royal British Legion.  This year though sales of poppies and poppy bracelets we are proud to have helped contribute £179.

Thank you to everyone who donated!

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Children in need - Non-Uniform Day

To raise money for children in need we held a non-uniform day, allowing out children to wear their choice of Spotty clothes to school for the day. some of our children rose to the occasion, even designing their own clothes to show their support!


Year 6 Visit the Hilton - Enabling Enterprise

Tuesday (7th Nov) 6B took a Business Trip to the Hilton in Watford to take part in a 'Recruitment Race' challenge.

Click here to read the full story


 House Captain Hustings

On Thursday 5th October, many politically minded Year 6 students presented their promises to their house groups in our annual hustings event.

We hosted four simultaneous assemblies around the school and Year 6 pupils read the persuasive letters that they had written in their English lessons and tried to persuade the children in their house to vote for them. The letters were excellently written.

Candidates promised great leadership, a growth mindset and their support to other pupils. All pupils across the school voted after hustings and then the top two candidates were interviewed by the heads of house.

It was an extremely exciting day and we are extremely proud of all of the children that were brave enough to enter. We are proud of the children that were gracious in their defeat and we are proud of the eight new magnificent house captains. Well done Karson, Tahira, Ayman, Mya, Ekrem, Kasia, Areeda and Rayyan.

On Friday 6th October our new house captains rehearsed and then delivered their first house captain assembly with confidence and authority.


 Harvest Festival

 Today year 5 performed their Harvest Festival Assembly in front of all the other pupils, staff and parents. It was a great success despite their nerves and stage fright. They sung beautifully, both traditional hymns and up-to- date songs, making us very proud of each and every child. The narrators were clear and accurate ensuring that the whole audience could hear the well-rehearsed lines. It was lovely to see the reaction from friends and families. Well done year 5!

Ms Cosgrove


Farley’s First Poetry Busk
Wednesday 27th September 9.30 -11.30 

Why recite poetry?
If we want a literate school, we have to teach children that they have poetry flowing through their veins. Poetry, like songs, speaks to people’s emotions. At weddings, births and funerals it is poetry that people turn to. It is a vehicle for self-expression.  A way to profess love, fear, happiness and sorrow. It is a way to communicate beyond the literal and if we want our children to have the best life-chances then above all they must be literate.

What poems did we perform? 
Pupils from Year 3 performed ‘Try, Try, Try, again' by T J Palmer, Year 4 performed ‘The Road Less Travelled,’ by Robert Frost, Year 5 performed ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling and Year 6 performed ‘Invictus’ by William Ernest Henley. All of the poems are linked to ‘The Growth Mindset.' 

We raised £213.09 and 136 parents attended the event.  Thank you to all of the parents that attended the event and to our wonderful pupils for learning the poems and performing them so expertly.