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 Hot Chocolate Friday

Every week one child from each class is sent to Mrs Stewart-Smith for positive contact. Positive Contact is one of the most prestigious awards that children can receive at Farley. Whilst each child is in Mrs Stewart-Smith's office, they get to meet Hamish (our school dog) and have a hot chocolate. The reward is given in recognition for each child's great learning behaviour. During their time with Mrs Stewart-Smith and Hamish, all of the children explain why they have been sent to the special event. This is one of the most popular times of the week for children in Farley Junior School.

Positive Notes and Contact

Each week 5 children from each class are awarded a positive note for their hard work or positive attitude throughout the week. 1 child is also awarded the Positive Contact, meaning their parents will be contacted by the class teacher to let them know how great their child has been this week.

Value Awards

Each week staff can nominate children who have showed a school, they will then be aware a value badge in Fridays assembly. 



Nominated by




Miss Badesha & Mrs Ibrahim

Batoul is new to Luton and the class. She has settled in very well, forming good friendships and being an excellent role model to her peers by following the school rules diligently.



Miss McLaren

Dean has shown and followed all of the ‘Farley’ rules and values from day one. He works hard in lessons and supports not only his learning partner but all of the children and staff in 3B. We are very proud to have him as an ambassador of 3B. Welcome to the Farley family.



Miss Ahmed

Sara has worked hard and settled in very well. She has been really friendly and tries to work with her partner whenever set a task.



Miss Gandré

Isaac has demonstrated that he was a team worker a few times this week: he welcomed a new pupil and worked with him. He also helped the class during our Prince William Award lesson which was about working together as a team.




Inayah is a great team player, she has shown the value of unity many times this week.  On one occasion she discreetly whispered to her neighbour where we were in class reading as her peer had lost focus.  



Mr Prothero & Mrs Ayres

Without being asked, Lyn has helped and supported other pupils in her class every day, helping them to get settled in their new year group.  



Miss Norman

Chanel was asked to support and look after a child who speaks little English during lunchtime this week. She jumped at the chance and was very kind and caring.



Ms Mustarde

Hollie has demonstrated her commitment to her class this week and has worked hard to ensure that everyone is united, welcomed and valued.



Mrs Hairon

Tamarra has been actively demonstrating unity this week  by staying behind to support others


Khadija H


Miss Lucas

Khadija and Raneem have helped to unify new class members into 6A by helping them with learning the Farley routines and playing together at lunchtime and break time.



Miss Coward and Mrs Thomas-Sloley

Mario has fastidiously followed to class routines which has enabled our class to be a calm, united and supportive place.



Mrs Kennett

Haris has shown his commitment to 6C by following our routines, being prompt and uniting with his peers.


Diary Dates