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 Hot Chocolate Friday

Every week one child from each class is sent to Mrs Stewart-Smith for positive contact. Positive Contact is one of the most prestigious awards that children can receive at Farley. Whilst each child with Mrs Stewart-Smith, they get to meet Hamish (our school dog) and have a hot chocolate. The reward is given in recognition for each child's great learning behaviour. During their time with Mrs Stewart-Smith and Hamish, all of the children explain why they have been sent to the special event. This is one of the most popular times of the week for children in Farley Junior School.


Positive Notes and Contact

Each week 5 children from each class are awarded a positive note for their hard work or positive attitude throughout the week. 1 child is also awarded the Positive Contact, meaning their parents will be contacted by the class teacher to let them know how great their child has been this week.

Value Awards

Each week staff can nominate children who have showed a school, they will then be aware a value badge in Fridays assembly. 

Class: Child: Nomiated By: Reasons:
3A Haris Mrs Ibrahim and Mrs Badesha Haris has been honest about the fact that he would really like to improve his handwriting and has taken on our advice to help him achieve this. He has been working exceedingly hard to do this and has now achieved his pen licence as a result.
3B Daniel Miss McLaren Daniel has been working really hard to make the right choices even when no - one is watching. We are really proud of you for trying your best in every situation. Thank you Daniel for being a great role model
3C Nolan Miss Ahmed This is Nolan's last week as Farley and I thought it fit to give him an integrity badge because I always trust him to make the right decisions. I can also trust him to tell the truth when needed. I hope you show these values in your new school too Nolan. Keep it up.
4A Aahil Mis Gandre and Miss Hanam Aahil has been a role-model in 4A this week. He followed instructions first time of asking every single time and getting on with his work even when others on his table were being distracted. You keep making the right choices and we are proud of you, Aahil.
4B Ibrahim  Mrs. Maycock and Miss. Shannin  Ibrahim has received a value badge for honesty. When asked if his table had been working as a team and listening to each other, he honestly said no that they hadn't. He could have easily said yes to receive the table points. Honesty will take you a long way in life Ibrahim. 
4C Alan Mr Prothero & Mrs Ayres Alan has shown great progress over the past few weeks. He can always be relied upon to do the right thing and is always happy to help others. 
5A Julia Mr Gayle Julia consistently makes the right choices. She is an excellent role model and can be trusted because of the high level of integrity she shows. I have witnessed Julia separating herself from situations where other children were being distracted. 
5B Hamza H K Mustarde I witnessed a very innocent and automatic action by Hamza in class, when as he was lining up.  He picked up a fallen pencil case.  Nothing extraordinary about that I hear you cry.  Why does he get a badge?  Other people stepped over it!  Well done for showing integrity
5C Charlie K Mustarde Does Maths homework and show integrity if it's tricky
6A Raziya Miss Coward Raziya always displays integrity in everything she does and is an excellent role model for her peers. She consistently makes the right choices. She is extremely committed and enthusiastic in every lesson and her after school interventions. Well done Raziya. 
6B Alexandru Mrs Thomas-Sloley I have nominated Alexandru because he was asked to reflect on his learning this week and he did it with true integrity. 
6C Denisa Mrs Kennett Always doing the right thing  to improve her learning. Well done.


Diary Dates