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 Hot Chocolate Friday

Every week one child from each class is sent to Mrs Stewart-Smith for positive contact. Positive Contact is one of the most prestigious awards that children can receive at Farley. Whilst each child with Mrs Stewart-Smith, they get to meet Hamish (our school dog) and have a hot chocolate. The reward is given in recognition for each child's great learning behaviour. During their time with Mrs Stewart-Smith and Hamish, all of the children explain why they have been sent to the special event. This is one of the most popular times of the week for children in Farley Junior School.


Positive Notes and Contact

Each week 5 children from each class are awarded a positive note for their hard work or positive attitude throughout the week. 1 child is also awarded the Positive Contact, meaning their parents will be contacted by the class teacher to let them know how great their child has been this week.

Value Awards

Each week staff can nominate children who have showed a school, they will then be aware a value badge in Fridays assembly. 

Class: Child: Nomiated By: Reasons:
3A Grace Miss Badesha & Mrs Ibrahim This week Miss Ahmed told us that Grace had handed in a £1 she had found on the playground to her. We were very impressed by your integrity and honesty, thank you!
3B Ibrahim Miss McLaren  Ibrahim is a great role model for our school, he consistently follows the 'Farley values and rules'.You can guarantee he is always doing the right thing when nobody is watching. Thank you
3C Ali Miss Ahmed  I can always trust Ali to follow the school rules in class without being told. Every time I turn around he is ready! A great role model for doing the right thing when no one is looking.
4A Zayna Miss Gandre Zayna showed integrity this week after an incident in class. She told her teachers the truth and fixed the problem sensibly and maturely. Thank you, Zayna.
4B Neha Mrs Maycock Neha  -an absolute star   every morning Neha gets everything ready for the day even if the teacher is elsewhere in the school. Thank you Neha. 
4C Gulsah Mrs Ayres & Mr Prothero Gulsah always does what she knows to be right - it doesn't matter if anyone is watching. She consistently demonstrates our school rules and encourages others to do the same.
5A Evie  Mr Gayle Evie is a tremendous role model in the class. She always endeavours to do the right things even when no one is watching her. Evie is always ready to strive for excellence. 
5B Khysan Ms Mustardé Khysan is a very ind, helpful individual who is always seen to do the right thing.  He has a strong sense of right and wrong which is adhered to whether he is alone or with others.
5C Husna Mrs Hairon Husna shows integrity in her actions in class and around school.  Thank you Husna.
6A Raneem  Miss Coward Raneem is a great role model for her peers. Not only does she always show exceptional behaviour, she also shows great integrity with her learning. This week she completed extra homework in learning our text map 'even though no-one was watching!'
6B Cirilla Mrs Thomas-Sloley This week I have noticed that Cirilla has worked hard on every ocassion.  She maximises her time in the classroom, she constantly pushes herself and she does this when nobody is watching.  Cirilla has a tremendous sense of personal integrity.  
6C Rumeysa Mrs Kennett, Mrs Power and Mrs Barker This week Rumeysa has tried very hard in all lessons, giving of her best. Her behaviour has been impeccable; a good role model to her peers. 


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