Praise Page

 Hot Chocolate Friday

Every week one child from each class is sent to Mrs Stewart-Smith for positive contact. Positive Contact is one of the most prestigious awards that children can receive at Farley. Whilst each child with Mrs Stewart-Smith, they get to meet Hamish (our school dog) and have a hot chocolate. The reward is given in recognition for each child's great learning behaviour. During their time with Mrs Stewart-Smith and Hamish, all of the children explain why they have been sent to the special event. This is one of the most popular times of the week for children in Farley Junior School.


Positive Notes and Contact

Each week 5 children from each class are awarded a positive note for their hard work or positive attitude throughout the week. 1 child is also awarded the Positive Contact, meaning their parents will be contacted by the class teacher to let them know how great their child has been this week.

Value Awards

Each week staff can nominate children who have showed a school, they will then be aware a value badge in Fridays assembly. 

Class: Child: Nomiated By: Reasons:
3A Fabian Mrs Badesha Fabian makes us all smile everyday with his bright smile! During Miss Coward’s assembly, Fab8ian was so keen to share how he could make others happy. He then tried out his methods and was successful. Fabian is thoughtful towards others with his actions to make others smile. Thank you Fabulous Fabian!
3B Farhan Miss McLaren Farhan, Thank you for making me smile everyday. Your smile truly was infectious last night during our international performance, you made everyone in the hall smile. Thank you Farhan.
3C Rohaan Miss Ahmed I think Rohaan spreads happiness just by being him! He has been such a kind member of the class the entire year and is always doing the right thing. His kindness and respect towards his adults and peers helps to create a happier environment in our classroom. Keep it up Rohaan, you are a ray of sunshine.
4A Maariya Miss Gandre Maariya is someone who makes me smile. She is always willing to take part, approaching various tasks with a sense of humour and a positive attitude.
4B Mrs Maycock Assysa is our nomination for happiness this week. She is happiness in a bottle, always postive in every situation, We are so lucky to have you in our class Asseya,
4C Hafsah S Mrs Ayres and Mrs Davies Not only does Hafsah approach every task with a smile, she also always try to make others around her smile.
5A Raahim Mr Gayle and Miss Nessa Raahim has a very good sense of humour. He enjoys spending time with his group of friends and making them happy. Raahim is developing control over when and how to express himself so he can have a positive influence on others. Whenever you see him at break and at lunch time, he is always at his happiest. Continue to be happy Raahim.
5B Aleena Ms Mustarde
5C Wayne Mrs Hairon Wayne comes into school with a smile on his face every day. He likes people to be happy and can be relied on to try to check if others are ok and to try to cheer them up, thank you Wayne.
6A Imaan Miss Coward and Miss Coley Imaan always demonstrates a positive attitude. At International Evening, Imaan looked after one of her peers, shared her food and made every effort to ensure that he also had a good night.
6B Abisan Mrs Roe Abisan always has such a sunny smile and a great attitude.
6C Emirhan Emirhan has worked his socks off this week: staying in at lunch time to improve his work. He worked like a Trojan horse to go through all his writing to improve it and ensure it was the best he could possibly do. You did it with a happy heart too Emirhan. Well done. I'm so proud of you.


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