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 Hot Chocolate Friday

Every week one child from each class is sent to Mrs Stewart-Smith for positive contact. Positive Contact is one of the most prestigious awards that children can receive at Farley. Whilst each child is in Mrs Stewart-Smith's office, they get to meet Hamish (our school dog) and have a hot chocolate. The reward is given in recognition for each child's great learning behaviour. During their time with Mrs Stewart-Smith and Hamish, all of the children explain why they have been sent to the special event. This is one of the most popular times of the week for children in Farley Junior School.


Positive Notes and Contact

Each week 5 children from each class are awarded a positive note for their hard work or positive attitude throughout the week. 1 child is also awarded the Positive Contact, meaning their parents will be contacted by the class teacher to let them know how great their child has been this week.

Value Awards

Each week staff can nominate children who have showed a school, they will then be aware a value badge in Fridays assembly. 



Nominated by




Mr Mellet

was actually nominated by her Learning Partner because she shows resilience in her English and maths lessons, which she finds challenging at times. 



Miss McClaren

Lyn has shown resilience when she has had to tackle a problem on the playground. Some members of the class had fallen out at play time and Lyn took her time to help fix the situation even when it got tough.



Miss Gandre

for being resilient in many areas but this week particularly in English: through hard work, he was able to write more than he ever has before. His confidence is increasing tremendously and I am proud of him.



Ms Clarke

for persevering in his writing and producing a Hot Write which showed enormous progress. He had made a great deal of effort to improve his handwriting and to write using the techniques we have learned in class.



Mrs Quilter and

Ms Mustarde

For his mammoth battle with the largest tree stumps which were needed in our den building exercise.  He was determined that their size was not going to defeat him and he tried various ways to manoeuvre the logs to the den.  Others had given up a long time ago!




Miss Norman

For  working hard in class this week and trying her. She has shown great resilience.



Miss Lucas

She  has been fantastic in class this week and has written a brilliant non-chronological report. Ayse has a fantastic learning attitude and can manage distractions from other well so that she can focus on her learning.




Mrs Maycock

She showed great resilience during English. She struggled with fronted adverbials to make the information surprising for the reader. She now had added amazing, interestingly, intriguingly and fascinating to her excellent non chronological report about dragons.



Mrs Kennett

 For  managing distractions around him and focusing on his writing during English.




Mrs Hooper



During SATS week she has consistently tried her best, and set herself her own revision targets each evening using the CGP revision books to help her.  Not only that, she has remained cheerful and positive throughout and has been offering lots of encouragement to other children in the class. Thank you Aliya.






Mrs Row

Whilst everyone in Year 6 have been taking their exams in school, Zeynep was determined that she would also complete the examinations like everyone else.  Even though she did the exams from her confines of her bed,  she was resilient and determined to complete the SATs papers. Well done Zeynep.  Maarij will accept the badge on your behalf.  We continue to wish you well and you are in our thoughts and prayers.





A note from Mrs Hooper

In addition, everyone in the school would like to say a huge well done to ALL  of year 6 for their resilience during the past week.  Also a huge thank you to everyone for helping the Year 6 team.  We know many of your classroom helpers came to work with us and some of you had to move classroom etc…so thank you.  Team work makes the dream work from  Mrs Hooper



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