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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Strategy at Farley Junior School

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We recognise that  many factors contribute to underachievement in disadvantaged pupils.  Whilst we recognise that we are unable to influence some of these factors directly,  we are committed to using our pupil premium grant to tackle those we can, as well as to support direct interventions to raise academic standards. We recognise that the factors that contribute to underachievement  do not exclusively apply to disadvantaged pupils but we believe that the use of our Pupil Premium to tackle these issues school wide, we can raise achievement for our disadvantaged pupils to at least that of non-disadvantaged pupils nationally.


We will achieve these aims through:

  • Creating a growth mindset culture within our school
  • Teaching a curriculum that will rapidly address the language, knowledge and cultural deficit of our pupils
  • Creating a school where teachers spend their time teaching rather than managing behaviour.
  • Insisting on excellent behaviour from all children
  • Dealing with poor behaviour immediately and decisively in ways that support children to improve and protect the learning and safety of their peers
  • Insisting on hard work in all lessons
  • Giving the highest priority to teaching for deeper understanding across the curriculum
  • Intervening immediately to address gaps at individual, group and whole class level
  • Insisting on the highest academic expectations for all of our pupils
  • Raising our pupils’ aspirations by providing regular, high quality opportunities for them to learn about the world of work and academia.
  • Linking with the Luton Investment Framework to promote their vision of high quality local jobs for today’s pupils.
  • Instilling the self-discipline required to be successful in study and work from the earliest opportunity.


To achieve our aims, we will target our Pupil Premium on

  • Release time and training for teachers and TAs to develop a curriculum that places its main emphasis on developing knowledge as a platform for building skills.
  • Resourcing high level teaching assistants in each year group to deliver or facilitate immediate interventions to bridge pupils’ knowledge gaps  
  • Use our Higher Level Teaching Assistants to focus specifically on disadvantaged pupils; for example to ensure that they regularly read aloud in class and to  track the success of interventions for these pupils.
  • Resourcing dedicated behaviour provision, including staffing, to rapidly modify the behaviour of pupils whose poor behaviour is impeding their learning
  • Working with partners to introduce pupils to the world of work
  • Supporting parents to learn English so that they can support their children
  • Buying learning resources (digital and paper based) that support a knowledge based curriculum.

Pupil Premium Income and Expenditure


Balance brought forward
PP income 7/12ths 17/18 & 5/12ths 18/19
Total Expenditure

Pupil premium numbers for Jan 17 101
Pupil premium % of total on roll 0

Activity Anticipated Costs

The Primary Writing Project 6250
Spotlight on Standards 1000
Pivotal Behaviour Training 10000
Maths consultancy Hertsforlearning 2010
Other schemes of work including Science/IT 3500

Assessment materials 3500
IT Resources 9792
Core knowledge books and additional text books 4751

TEFL Teacher 6355
Teacher interventions 7800
HLTA's 29115
Other support staff 94497
Specialist behaviour team 20499

Additional projects
Enabling Enterprise/Careers collaboration 10000
Cultural outings to broaden horizons 5000
Extra Curricular Activities 7535
Swimming subsidy PP students 651
Pupil SLA's to support PP students 12374
Milk scheme 931