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Religious Education

Religious Education has a firm place within Farley's curriculum and aims to ensure that young people can make progress, achieve and become successful learners. We want our children to be confident individuals and have healthy and fulfilling lives within school and in society; making positive contributions and becoming responsible citizens.

The school follows the Bedfordshire R.E. Syllabus which is organised around key questions. Each year group studies one of the main world faiths. Much of the work involves discussion, where pupils' experiences and cultural backgrounds are explored and celebrated. September 2014 sees us enter the third year of the current RE syllabus which is designed to be revised after five years.

Religious Education is a keystone to the four areas we hope to develop at Farley: spiritual, moral, social and cultural well-being and all other areas of the curriculum should contribute alongside this.

Religious Education is taught to help pupils learn 'about' and 'from' religion in experiential, inactive and positive ways. A means to feel part of a community, building understanding of other people's faith and cultures. We celebrate diversity at Farley with the objective to widen the children's understanding of the world in which they are entering.