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Special Educational Needs

We encourage and support pupils with Special Educational Needs and ensure that they are active partners in the learning process. Our first priority is to identify the child's individual needs at the earliest opportunity. We then ensure that appropriate support and strategies are put into effect to meet the pupil's needs. Support is given through in-class support, small group work and one-to-one support where appropriate. A register of children with special needs is kept by the Inclusion Manager.

Monitoring Pupils with Special Educational Needs

Monitoring and support takes place through the following:-

  • School based intervention and procedures.
  • Individual Education Plans (IEP's)
  • Parental involvement and consultation.
  • Annual reviews.
  • Meetings between Inclusion Manager and members of the inclusion team.
  • Parents' Evenings.
  • Meetings involving outside agencies who support and advise us.


Resourcing for Special Educational Needs

Income from statements is used exclusively for these pupils. Money devolved by the LA through pupil numbers and Pupil Premium is also used. Each class has an element of support built in. This varies from Learning Support Assistants to small group/class sizes. Equipment is purchased to help pupils and ICT software is also available.

Effectiveness of our policy

We regularly assess our policy to ensure that we are giving SEN pupils all the help we can. A feature is to ensure that self-esteem and confidence is boosted. We also measure achievement in curriculum areas and in SATs.


Second language children are identified and assessed on entry. They are then placed on tiered and structured programmes according to their needs. Close monitoring and regular reviews ensure progress and achievement.