Sport Events

 Sport Fixtures & Events

If your child has been selected to participate in a sporting event your child will receive a consent form, unless you have agreed for your child to be taken out on local trips during school hours. All consent forms must be signed by a parent/guardian before the day of the event to allow your child to attend. Suitable clothing must be worn at all times to participate in any sport fixtures and events.

 School Games

Students at Farley Junior School  participate in the School Games to help develop and broaden their physical literacy. Our sports programme encourages pupils to engage in competitive sports and to follow the School Game values of; 

 Last year Farley Junior School, achieved the Silver Award for School Games!

 Sports Day 2019

Thank you to all children involved, and to all the parents who attended. Despite the unfavorable weather there was a great turnout and was enjoyed by all!

The winner was: Phoenix

Sports Day 2018

This years Sports Day was a hot but exciting one! All pupils at Farley Junior School participated in a variety of track and field events to compete for the Sports Day trophy.  Congratulations to all of the pupils who took part in the event and thank you to allow family members and friends who showed great support throughout the day.

The winning house this year is Dragons!

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Total Wellbeing Luton

Total Wellbeing Luton provided our pupils with a Healthy Eating workshop. The workshop involved students from Farley Juniors, learning the benefits of eating healthier meals and understanding what types of foods should be included within these meals to live a healthier lifestyle.  

Year 5&6 Boys Cricket

The Year 5&6 boys cricket team competed against the rest of Luton, at the Luton Town and Indians Cricket tournament. All of the boys showed great support for each other and were determined to gain as many runs as they possibly could in each match. They achieved an astonishing 3rd place in the competition by reaching the semi-finals. Congratulations to the cricket team! 

Luton Town Football Club Festival

 Boys and girls from Year 3&4 had an amazing opportunity to enter the football festival at the Luton Town Football Stadium – Kenilworth Road. They all enjoyed the fantastic opportunity to play in the same stadium as the Luton Town Football, with some great performances throughout the day.

 Year 5&6 Cycling Competition

Year 5&6 boys and girl entered into the cycling competition this year. Each cyclist competed in a sprint and a long distance race. Resilience was key to their performance, as some of our cyclists fell off of their bikes due to the difficult terrain but still managed to carry on to finish their race.

As a team, Farley’s performance was outstanding as they were rewarded with 1st place in the afternoons competition. Furthermore, one of our students was awarded with a silver medal for being the 2nd fasted girl to cycle in the sprint event. Well done to all of those who competed.    

Change 4 Life Festival

Chosen students across all year groups took part in the Change 4 Life Festival this year. The competition was held at Stockwood Park, where the children participated in a variety of multi-sport games. The children showed great enthusiasm throughout the competition and really enjoyed learning about the content of sugar in their favourite drinks and how to live a healthier, more active lifestyle.

 Dance @ London Stadium with Tokio Myres

On Saturday 24th March, 45 students from Farley Junior School performed with Tokio Myers in front of 55,329 fans at the London Stadium.
Our students had the amazing opportunity to perform with Britain's Got Talent winner, Tokio Myers, during the half-time show of the Saracens versus Harlequins rugby game. The students and staff worked tirelessly for 3 weeks to practice the dance routines taught to them by the Saracens Foundation dance instructors. All of the hard work payed off, as they were given tickets to watch the Saracens match as well as taking part in a once in a lifetime performance. We would like to congratulate everyone who attended this unforgettable experience, well done!


 Boccia Tournament

In the beginning of February, pupils throughout Farley Junior School attended the Boccia School Games event. Farley entered 2 teams for this competition with one of the teams excelling into the finals. They achieved 2nd place and were rewarded with a silver medal for their amazing teamwork and determination throughout the competition. Well done to both of the Boccia teams!

Gardening Club

At Farley, our students are highly enthusiastic on having a healthy and active lifestyle. Gardening club has helped to enhance pupils physical activity during the school day where they have been maintaining the school's pond area in preparation for the summer. Furthermore, the students have recently grown and picked parsnips in the school garden for them to take home to eat. Yum!

Sportshall Athletics

Farley Junior School participated in Luton's Sportshall Athletics competition this half-term. This gave the opportunity for 40 pupils at the school to compete against other schools in Luton. The children had great fun taking part in events such as the obstacle race, relay race, javelin throw, standing triple jump and many more.

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the competition!  

Year 5 & 6 Dodgeball Competition 

Farley Junior School entered the School Games Year 5 & 6 Dodgeball Competition this term. With 41 teams entering into the competition, Farley went through to achieved 4th place! Congratulations to all pupils who competed in this amazing achievement.

Wembley Stadium Trip

Year 3&4 children who have shown outstanding behaviour, sports enthusiasm and determination throughout the year were rewarded with a trip to Wembley Stadium which included a literacy work shop and stadium tour.
The pupils had an amazing time when visiting the 2nd biggest stadium in the world and discovered the history and background to the stadium, as well as learning about different events held at the stadium. During the second part of the trip, the pupils worked with a journalist (Amar Azam) and other schools from Luton on their literacy skills and learnt how literacy is strongly linked to all sports.

Skip Beatz Workshop

Pupils at Farley Junior School took part in a skipping workshop held by Skip Beatz. The day started with a fantastic neon lights show by PT Denis which was followed by children participating in a skipping workshop. This has resulted in children showing a new enthusiasm for skipping and for some, a new passion.