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Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Stewart-Smith - Headteacher

Mrs Thomas-Sloley - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Mascot - Business Manager

Miss Coward- SENCO

Miss Norman - Behaviour Manager

Mrs Ayres

Administrative Staff

Mrs Mascot - Business and Resource Manager

Mrs Fall - P.A to the Headteacher

Mrs Sims - Receptionist and Admin Assistant

Mrs S Khanom - Finance

Miss M Rajkowska - Apprentice Office Administrator

Class Teachers

Mr Mellett -3A (Head of Year 3)

Miss Gandre - 3C

Miss McLaren - 3B

Miss Delaney - 4A (Head of Year 4)

Miss Norman - 4B 

Mrs Ayres - 4C

Miss Mustarde - 4C

MS Cosgrove - 5A (Head of Year 5)

Mrs Maycock - 5B

Mrs Goss - 5C

Mrs Lagah - Year 5 Cover

Mrs Hooper - 6A (Head of Year 6)

Miss Coward - 6B

Mrs Thomas-Sloley - 6B

Mr Spink - 6C

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Aktar

Mr Ali

Mr Bannan (HLTA)

Mrs Barford

Mrs Bagley

Mrs S. Barker

Mrs A. Barker (Learning Mentor)

Mrs Clews

Mrs Coulter- EMAS

Miss Dimareli

Mrs Dennis

Mrs Finn

Ms Fisher-Eames

Mrs Gajjar

Mrs Garner (HLTA)

Mrs Horn (HLTA)

Mrs Ibrahim

Miss Karim

Mrs Khan

Miss Lopez

Ms Nessa

Mrs Prothero (HLTA)

Mr Prothero (PE Instructor)

Ms Quilter

Miss Reid

Mrs Roe (HLTA)

Mrs Shahid

Mrs Shannin

Mrs Taylor

Miss Todd

Miss Todd-Lee

Mr A Gladys - EMAS

ICT Technician

 Mr Rowe - ICT Technician/Network Manager

Family Support

Mrs A Khanom - Family Worker

Mrs Kenny - Family Worker

Site Agent

Mr Sims

Mr Shires - Assistant Site Agent 

Midday Supervisors

Mrs Samm - Senior Midday Supervisor

Mrs Finn

Mrs Maher

Miss Shahid

Mrs Shah

Mrs Islam

Miss Royle

Mrs Perkins

Mrs Khanom

Mrs Bonnard

Mrs Musabelliu

Mrs Kaur


Mrs Samm

Mrs White

Miss Royle

Mr Shires 

Mrs Kaur