Year 3 Home Learning

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This Weeks Learning (18/05/2020)

Joe Wicks Daily PE at 9am:

Daily Bite Size Lessons:

Project work:

  Ibn Battuta
Monday Watch the short video of Ibn Battuta

Research who was Ibn Battuta and create a list of at least 10 facts you can find about him. What would you say made him different from most of the other explorers you may know?

Create a portrait of Ibn Battuta.
Tuesday Research more about Ibn Batutta, throughout his life he visited many different places. Make a list of all the places that you could find where he explored. Use either a map, atlas, Google Earth to identify some of these places. Name and describe some of the geographical features that Ibn Battuta experienced.

Describe how the camels are adapted to some of the environments in which Ibn Battuta travelled.
Wednesday Write your own 'Rihla': which is an account of a real or imagined journey you have taken, trying to inspire people to visit the places you describe (using persuasive and descriptive language).

You may draw and colour pictures of what you saw on your journey.

How was your journey different from Ibn Battuta’s?
Thursday Draw/make and name as many geometric shapes you can find draw and describe at least 10 of these geometric shapes. Research and investigate Islamic art and create your own geometric patterns to cover an A4 size sheet.

Decorate a box with Islamic patterns,

Challenge make a wooden box and decorate it. 
Friday Find out 10 facts about Mecca. Describe what is a Pilgrimage and why is it important to followers of Islam. Imagine you were Ibn Battuta, create a postcard from your visit to Mecca. 

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