Year 6 Curriculum


Autumn 1


Autumn 2


Spring 1


Spring 2


Summer 1


Summer 2



Place Value

(2 Weeks)


Number – consolidation of the four operations

(4 Weeks)



(6 weeks)


Assessment and consolidation

(2 Weeks)

Number -  decimals (2 weeks)


Number – percentages (1 week)


Measurement (3 weeks)

SATs preparation ongoing

Algebra (2 Weeks)



Ratio (2 Weeks)


Geometry and Statistics (3 Weeks)


 SATs preparation ongoing

Geometry and properties of shapes (2 Weeks)


Geometry and position and direction (2 Weeks)

The Apprentice project

(3 weeks) 


Extended Investigations

(3 weeks)


Take one poetry

Poetry Appreciation


Research a particular poet. Personal responses to poetry

Recite familiar poems by heart.

(1 Weeks)



Fiction  Genres –

4 Weeks

A range of stories conveying different genres; a genre swap story (where the genre swaps from one story to the other)







Writing a letter for a position of responsibility

(2 Weeks)


Report: 2 Weeks Post Cinema Screening of Wonder


(2 Week)

Write reports as part of a presentation on a non-fiction subject. Choose the appropriate style and form of writing to suit a specific purpose and audience, drawing on knowledge of different non-fiction text types


Explanation (2 week) xx

Links to science PoS ‘reporting and presenting findings from enquiries, including conclusions, causal relationships and explanations of and degree of trust in results

Write reports

Recount (2 Week) xx

Write in role, adapting distinctive voices, e.g. of historical characters, through preparing a CV; composing a biographical account or describing a person from different perspectives, e.g. police description, school report, newspaper obituary  Poetry 1 Week - Read write and perform free verse 

The Tiger by William Blake


Narrative Workshop review

(4 Weeks)

the key narrative techniques eg creating settings, characteriation, atmosphere

A single extended narrative or several narratives on a similar theme e.g autobiographical stories, each developing a key narrative technique




Focus on Study Skills

(3 Weeks)

Assessment Week

(1 Week)


( 1 week)

vocabulary building; read write and perform free verse

Structure Monologues

Read and Respond



(2 Weeks)

A debate followed by a write-up which presents and evaluates the opinions of multiple differing viewpoints


Take One Book

(5 Weeks)

A range of written outcomes linked with fiction and non-fiction modules covered across the year. 



Debating Skills

(2 Weeks)

A series of live debates on various subjects. Children work in groups/ pairs/ individually to prepare and present points of view



(1 Week)

Read Write and Perform free verse



Set text

Good Night Mr Tom

by Michele Magorian

Coming to England

By Floella Benjamin


 by David Long


Class Reader

Grandpa Chaterji (RE)

by Jamila Gavin

The Short series

By Kevin Crossley Holland

Storm Breaker

by Anthony Horowitz Short



The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and six more

By Roald Dahl




The boy in the stripped pyjamas by John Boyne

Once by Morris Gleitzman

Waiting for Anya by Michael Morpurgo

Short by Kevin Crossley Holland

by Michael Morpurgo

Friend or Foe

by Michael Morpurgo

Fireweed by Jill Paton Walsh

Gangster Granny by David Walliams

War Games by Terry Deary

Classic Narrative Poetry by Wendy Body



The Suitcase Kid

by Jacqueline Wilson

Gruesome Grange by Anthony Horowitz Short

The Switch by Anthony Horowitz Short

 in Journey to Jo'burg by Beverley Naidoo

Holes by Louis Sachar

The Girl in the Boys bathroom by Louis Sachar

Billionaire Boy by David Walliams

The Hobbit by J R R Tolkein

Natural Record Breakers by Jullian Powell 

The Earth Does not belong to Man – conservation poems by Judith Nicholls

Treasure Island by Robert Lewis Stevenson

Mr Stink by David Walliams


Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo


Shadow by Michael Morpurgo

The Adventures of Robin Hood by Roger Lancelyn Green


Wind in the willows by Kenneth Grahame





Animals including humans

Circulatory system

Impact of diet, exercise, drugs and lifestyle.

Nutrients and water transportation within humans and animals.

  Living things and habitats

Classification of plants and animals 

Evolution and Inheritance

Change in living things over time. Fossils. Recognise Living things produce off spring of the same kind. Offspring vary and are not identical. Adaptation of animals and plants to their environment




Variations in how components function

Using recognised symbols on circuit diagrams

Sources of Light

Light travels in straight lines.

How we see things.



Writing Genres


Diary recount


Newspaper article recount


Discursive text


What does it mean to be a Hindu?

(12 hours)


How do people live through good times and hard times?

(8 hours)

What will make our town and more respectful place?

(8 hours)


Justice and Poverty. Can religions help to build a fair world and make poverty history?

(12 hours)




We are app planners


We are project managers


We are market researchers


We are interface designers


We are app developers


We are marketers

Values PSHE

Say No To Bullying

SRE x 3 Weeks


Healthy Choices

Drugs & Alcohol

Living In Luton

Luton Tigers

SEAL moving on


Writing Genres


Newspaper recount





  A local history study.

Luton during WW2






An aspect of British History that extends knowledge beyond 1066.

 Industry – pre and post Industrial revolution

20 and 21 century – technological revolution








use of OS maps –6 figure grid references

Contour lines

Scales , distance and direction ( 8 points of the compass)

HUMAN : migration- push/pull factors why we came to Luton

Transportation links of Luton to the rest of UK and the world

Changing industries of Luton- link to summer term history


Western Europe


EU and Brexit



Natural vs man made resources

Import export


Human and Physical Geography

Great Rivers of the World


Great Rivers of the world


LOCATION :  locate world’s major rivers : Ganges, Missisipi, Thames, Rhine, Danube, Nile , Zambesi, Amazon


Flooding – causes, impact and efforts to prevent  - focus upon Nile and Thames to view positive and negative effects of flooding

PHSYICAL : formation of a river / stages of a river





Classroom instructions and expectations

Roald Dahl Day



Story: Pierre et le Loup



Christmas: Visit a Christmas market

Cultural differences: Christmas traditions in France and in UK

New Year’s resolutions

Near future

Shopping: money; buying and ordering

On peut… + infinitives

Methods of transport

Present tense and time expressions

Imperfect tense and time expressions

Now and then: compare past and present

Story: Cinderella

A guide for tourists: St Albans

Revisit tenses: past, present, future

On peut… + infinitives

Cultural differences between towns in the UK and France

(St Albans / Nevers)

(spoken presentation?)



Living on prayer

Benjamin Britten

Classroom Jazz 2

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Make you feel my love

Reflect Rewind and Replay




Design and make bomb shelter

Triangulation and bracing



Cooking and Nutrition: Biscuits

Adapting a recipe to suit a purpose 

Alternatives to sugar?

Shopping Budget-include value for money and economy of scale

Home vs shop bought



Cooking and Nutrition

Plan an edible garden:

Salad/ food from an edible garden

Seasonality and year round food supply



FOCUS 20th century art


Suggested artist study:

 The  Coventry cross of nails

John Piper – stained glass  window in Coventry Cathedral

Post war architecture- rebuilding after the bombing

Hiroshima memorial

 Media Mixed media inks oil / salt in water etc



Key artist : Picasso

Suggested works

Fall of Guernica/weeping woman/Dora Mars

Media :

3D incorporated into painting

Multi media tissue and paint etc 



Key artists: Banksy, Keith Haring, Andy Warhole

Media: print – stencil, Paint drawing, large and small scale work

Art as a political statement- link to Picasso Guernica from last term



Invasion Games - Rugby/Netball Based 

Gymnastics - Counter Balance & Tension 

Dance & Routine 

Net & Wall Games -  Badminton/Tennis 

Athletics – Running/Jumping/Throwing 

Striking & Fielding Games - Cricket 


Enabling Enterprise

2.5 Themed Days

Making News



Careers Fair

Enabling Enterprise

Construction Counts

Bhaktivedante Manor


Enabling Enterprise

Big Business Challenge