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Year 6 News

  Leonardo Engineering

The children in Year 6 had a fantastic morning with the engineering company, Leonardo.

After being split into teams, the children had the opportunity to construct towers using marshmallows and spaghetti - the tallest tower, which measured 75cm, won the challenge! To encourage team work even more, the children were challenged to design a model car which would move by itself using a balloon. The children loved this challenge and came up with some fantastic models. They had a race to decide the winner and I believe the winning car is actually still going!! Overall an inventive morning with our fantastic Year 6s.

Tring Museum and College Lakes 

The children in Year 6 enjoyed two trips today as a treat for all the hard-work they put in towards their SATs.  First, we took a tour around Tring Natural History Museum where the children enjoyed looking at facts about the different animals there and even spending some time sketching them.  

After lunch, we all boarded the coaches again and visited the beautiful bird sanctuary at College Lakes.  We split off into smaller groups and visited the different bird hides around the lakes.  Luckily the weather had cleared up by this time and the children were able to walk the whole way around the lake taking in the sights as they went.  

The staff from the Natural History Museum and College Lakes praised our children for their fantastic manners and consideration towards others during the trip. 

Well done Year 6, we are very proud of you.

Mr Mellett, Mrs Varnals and Ms Cosgrove

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