Online Safety

The internet is now a integral part of all our daily lives, especially for our children. The internet enables us to access so many amazing things and connect with friends and family all over the world. Unfortunately not everything or everyone online is legitimate, friendly or suitable for children. It is important that we are aware of what our children are doing online and are able to keep them safe.

In school we have multiple systems and policies in place to ensure we are doing as much as possible to ensure children cannot access anything inappropriate. When possible children's digital activity is monitored and recorded to help identify any issues.

When at home it is important that Parents/ Carers are aware of their children's activity and what they are able to access, below are a few key point for family's to help keep their selves and their children safe online. Please also see they 'Links for Parents' page for links to a  number of organisations with more details on how to keep your family safe and even advice on specific Apps/ Games/ Films ect.

  • Where possible, add filtering on any device/ connection a child uses to connect to the internet
  • Be aware your child's activity online, monitor their accounts (you should know all their usernames and passwords)
  • Check age limits and suitability of the Apps/ Games ect that they are using ( can help with this)
  • Speak openly with you child about their online activity and encourage them to tell you if there is anything which they have seen or heard online which upset them, emphasise its about keeping them safe, not limiting them
  • Ensure any accounts are set to private where possible/ suitable
  • For gaming devices and consoles, enabled privacy settings to allow communication features only with friends

For Information or Any Concerns about Online Safety please email


Worried about something you've seen online?