Safeguarding Children

 We know that, before they can learn effectively, children must feel safe and happy. We recognise that children come to school with varied experiences, both at home and in the wider community and we endeavour to ensure that in school, they feel safe, cared for and important.


At Farley Junior School, we endeavour to create secure relationships so that our children feel able to talk about anything that is troubling them. We believe that children have the right to work and play in a safe environment. Therefore we seek to protect them from harm in school and provide them to develop their own strategies to keep them safe in the wider community. This includes physical, emotional and sexual risks posed by adults and peers both in person and on line.  Through our work in school and links with groups in the wider community, we seek to help our children recognise and reject messages of all violent extremist groups.


Through initiatives such as our work with Luton Tigers and Thrive, we aim to support our children to grow  up to be happy, secure conscientious members of society.


We have a robust system for dealing with concerns about child safety. Please see our safeguarding policy for more details.

Click Here for our safeguarding policy

See our On Line safety pages for helpful information about keeping your children safe on-line.

Click Here  for our on line safety policy